Farmers for a day

Last Thursday we came to school really punctual and a bit nervous…. we were going to the Farm!

We sat in the bus for almost one hour, some of us talked, others sang, other laughed and even watched a movie. Finally we could read LA CHOPERA on a big sign and we knew we had arrived!

It was a really big and beautiful place! We had a snack and were divided in groups: our adventure started!

During the morning we practised different kinds of sports: rock-climbing, archery and rode a zip-line. It was amazing to feel that sensation of flying as if we were birds in the sky! We also learned to do home-made strawberry jam, this made us hungry, thank God it was lunchtime!

We ate delicious pasta and a hamburger with ice-cream for desert! Jummy!

With our tummies full we went to see all the animals: peacocks, bulls, cows, goats, sheep, hens…and to finish we all took a quick horseride. Oh no… 4 o’clock, we went into the bus and back to school..