EntusiasMAT is a didactic – pedagogical program for children 3 to 12 years of age based on multiple intelligences that helps children to learn mathematics in a context adapted to their reality.

EntusiasMAT uses mathematical concepts learnt from a very early age, as we know that the learning ability and adaptability of the brain of children in their first years of life is able to easily learn.

We count using our fingers in a special way. The teacher starts to count using the thumb from left hand up to 5 and then uses the right hand to count from 6 up to 10. The children mirror the teacher and therefore start using their right hand to count up to 5 and then use their left hand to count from 6 up to 10.

This method is used in all grades of infants at Aravaca International School so that children learn at an early age and continue to use the method through their infants schooling. This gives consistency of teaching and learning mathematics for children from I3 to I5.

Here is an example how we count using our EntusiasMat fingers.