WC2018 winners

World’s Culture Exhibition 2018


IA’s first “World’s Culture Exhibition 2018” took place at the gym last Friday, May 11th. All 1º and 2º ESO students participated at this mayor event, where they exhibited their own country’s book-guides. Booths had been astonishingly decorated and the delicious smell of their cooked typical meals filled the air. Visitors were impressed with this magnificent group of students´ hard-work and commitment! They were all then requested to vote for the different available categories for both grades.

This year´s “World’s Culture Exhibition 2018” winners have been:


– BEST WRITERS: Alejandro Langle (1ºESO-A) & Daniela Gago (1ºESO-B)
– MOST CREATIVE BOOKS: Noa Colás (1ºESO-A) & Sergi Colussi (1ºESO-B)
– BEST SPEECHES: Jaime Medel (1ºESO-A) & Carolina Martín (1ºESO-B)
– BEST STANDS: Susila Oliver (1ºESO-A) & Ana Obón (1ºESO-B)


– BEST WRITERS: Lucía Lucas (2ºESO-A) & Inés Cifuentes (2ºESO-B)
– MOST CREATIVE BOOKS: Marta Leblic (2ºESO-A) & Myriam Yasri (2ºESO-B)
– BEST SPEECHES: Rodrigo Covas (2ºESO-A) & Marina García (2ºESO-B)
– BEST STANDS: Carmen Martín (2ºESO-A) & Genoveva Martínez (2ºESO-B)

Congratulations to all of them! Your hard-work and dedication have been noteworthy.

We would like everyone for their support and great participation at the event. We are already looking forward to next year’s edition!


Ms. Alice


WC2018 winners

WC2018 winners2