Christmas 2017

Se termina el año 2017, y como cada año el colegio Internacional Aravaca se ha vestido de navidad con un estupendo festival de baile, música y teatro. Los alumnos se lo han pasado de maravilla y han podido enseñar a sus padres el artista que llevan dentro. Os dejamos un pequeño resumen de fotos y […]

Bedtime Stories

Yesterday morning three, four and five-year-olds went to the theatre. They  enjoyed  two “Bedtime  Stories”:  Little  Red  Riding  Hood  and  the Spanish version of the tooth fairy: Mr Perez, the little mouse. Children loved  the  stories  because  they  could  interact  with  the  characters, becoming  the  trees  in  the  forest,  stepping  on  the  stage for  a […]

Winter play

The Music and Spanish teachers have worked together to create a play called “El Invierno de Vivaldi”. The Spanish teacher was the one who guided the play contents and dialogues, and the music teacher was in charged of Vivaldi. All 4 years have been rehearsing for a few weeks to act out the play: Winter […]