Sports Day 2018

The past week the school held the I Internacional Aravaca Sports day in Primary. Students from 1st to 6th EPO had the opportunity to participate in different sports and games: Benchball, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Touchball, Relay…were some of the activities that the kids enjoyed along the day. The four houses; red, yellow, blue and green […]

2aos padres

Final Project in Pre-School

To celebrate, among other things, the end of our comprehension projects in Pre-school, we shared the experience with all parents. These activities triggered spaces full of emotions, illusions and a waste of energy in the classroom on the part of students, parents and teachers. Through the transport (I2) we went on a Safari (I 3), […]

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School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Children have had a special celebration  in the playground today. They wrapped up the tree in the sandpit with beautiful ribbons, turning it into the “Make a wish tree”…each class wished for something good, and every colour was meant to be what they wanted to live on this day…peace, friendship, love, understanding, wellness… daily things […]