Once again this year we are holding our traditional public speaking competition in which our 6th grade students will take part. This competition is made up of three phases: in the first phase, the students have to demonstrate oral expression skills to declaim a poem already written about the Post-War period; in the second phase, they have to demonstrate skills to write and declaim a poem written by them in Spanish about the Transition; and in the third phase, where the students demonstrate their persuasive and communication skills through a persuasive speech written and declaimed in English.

From the third unit of inquiry, students have worked on the Civil War, the Post-war period and the Transition, and these are the contents which formed part of the first two phases. As for the persuasive speech, from the English subject they have worked on the structure of speech and the tools to try to convince the audience of a topic of interest to the student.

Great effort equals great learning, this is our slogan ….

Thank you guys for your enthusiasm and passion!