On the 3rd of July we walked our last stage of the Camino, we left the campsite and finally arrived in Santiago. This stage was not as hard as the others as we only walked 20 km and we were very excited to reach our destination. On the way we saw very beautiful and natural landscapes as in the other stages. When we arrived in Santiago, we all felt a great satisfaction as we had managed to finish the Camino after a constant effort during several days.

After lunch, we went to pick up the Compostelana, visited the cathedral and went to some of the city’s emblematic places. Although we were not able to attend the mass in the cathedral, we were able to go to a mass in another church where we reflected and even got emotional.

Without a doubt, this day when we finished the Camino de Santiago was a great experience.

It was an unforgettable experience.

1st Eso students