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Internacional Aravaca is a private school in Madrid, with an educational program based on the teaching of languages and the implementation of values. Through a personalized teaching method, we ensure that our students obtain the best results, we focus on the motivation of each of our students, so they enjoy their academic stage and perceive their education as a permanent process of personal improvement.

At International Aravaca we have created a unique educational experience, our academic programs emphasize the importance of language learning in its practical part, we get our students to communicate in other languages as naturally as they communicate in their mother tongue. Throughout their time at school, students perfect their communication skills through immersive experiences that allow them to learn about other cultures in depth. 

Advantages of studying at our private school in Madrid

The main advantage of our private school in Madrid is based on the educational environment in which each student is educated. We create personalized programs for our students, to encourage the proper development of each of our students. The result is a high level of motivation and the commitment of each student to his or her own educational process.

Because of our facilities

We have all kinds of spaces for teaching, sports and cultural activities.

Multilingual Teaching

Language learning is a basic part of all our programs. All students receive a bilingual education in English and Spanish, which can be extended by learning French or German.

Because of our values

Our educational offer is based on learning values. Our students are the citizens of tomorrow, for our school it is important that our students acquire a series of civic values.


Digital learning from the very beginning

Digital learning is one of the most important challenges facing today’s generations. At Aravaca International we use digital media as another tool in our educational programs.

Why are we considered the best private school?

If you are looking for a private school in Aravaca capable of offering the best education to your children, at Internacional Aravaca we assure you the best academic experience.

Our school receives the best academic results!

The best demonstration of the effectiveness of our educational method is the academic results of our students. We believe that student-centered education is the best way to achieve results, so every student receives the guidance they need, from elementary school through the pre-university years.

Why choose a bilingual educational program in our private school?

Communication in at least two languages is a basic skill for the work environment, in addition, it is a social skill that allows students to better understand the world and enhance their intellectual abilities.
At Aravaca International we have been working for many years with bilingual programs, the academic results are exceptional, our students learn to communicate in other languages with the fluency and confidence with which they do it in their mother tongue.

One of the keys to language teaching in our private school in Madrid are the activities we carry out. Beyond lexical and grammatical learning, it is essential to put into practice what has been learned through real language experiences, we get our students to communicate in other languages, perfecting their level year after year.

Private School in Madrid for all stages of education

At Internacional Aravaca we have the most complete educational offer, from kindergarten through secondary courses. Your children will be able to develop in an incomparable environment, focused on their abilities and expectations.

Our commitment is based on creating a suitable environment in which students are motivated throughout their school years, and see their learning process as a permanent task that goes beyond the academic stage.

Choose the best private school in Madrid for your children’s future

Your children’s education will be important for their personal and professional future, choose the right school for their development. At Internacional Aravaca we offer you the most suitable educational environment for your children to learn while enjoying an incomparable academic experience.

We are very close to Madrid capital, in a unique environment, which allows us to have all kinds of facilities oriented to the personal and intellectual development of our students.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the educational advantages offered by Aravaca International are the activities promoted by the International Schools Partnership (ISP). This organization is made up of dozens of schools from all over the world, it is oriented towards the teaching of languages in an immersive way.

Every year we organize all kinds of activities, including cultural exchanges with schools in other countries, to offer our students activities that go beyond the classroom. The student learns to communicate in other languages in a practical way, through an experience that allows them to learn about their environment based on other cultures.

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