Parque Europa

On Thursday 18th April 5 EPO visited Parque Europa. It was a very hot day, however despite this the students behaved very well and even our guide remarked on how good they were. We began the visit with a tour of all the copies of major monuments in Europe. The guide provided the groups with a lot of historical information about each monument.

From there we visited the animal park, where the students were able to touch and even feed the animals. Everyone loved this part of the visit. We all then sat down on wooden benches to watch a special exhibition of the animals from the park. It was just great the animals walked between the rows and the students were able to stroke them. The large birds of prey flew over our heads . The guide told us all about each animal and where it came from.

After the performance the students sat down to do a quiz in groups about the monuments and what they had learnt. They all did very well and received a special certificate from the park.

We left our guide and had a break in one of the large parks before lunch. We ate our lunch in a nice wooded area. After lunch we got on the bus to return to school tired but satisfied and everyone agreed that it was a great trip and should be repeated.