As coordinators of the Early Years and Primary stages, we approach the school year with enthusiasm and high expectations.

We are very proud to be part of this great team, which always looks ahead and strives to offer the best to our students.
In our school we define the Early Years Stage as “Steps”; a stage in which our little ones take their first ones, always accompanied by their teachers but little by little having increasing space to grow, advance and ‘grow up’.

The name given to the Primary Stage is “Skyline”, a phase in which our students acquire the foundations of the knowledge they will need to achieve their goals. We provide them with the fundamental competences and skills necessary to build their academic, professional and personal lives in the future.

The implementation of the International Programme in the Early Years and Primary Years Programme (PYP) commits us to constantly improving our teaching and student learning above all else. They take a pro-active and long-term responsibility for their education as they develop an international mindset.

The rigorous constant evaluation of schools in the IB world guarantees quality teaching and prepares our students to be inquisitive, active and supportive from the very earliest years. It also stimulates their natural curiosity to understand the world, putting this at the very core of their learning.

Adaptation to multicultural environments, an active approach to learning, high social and emotional development, flexibility, perseverance and confidence all form part of a modern and progressive environment. Our school is adapted to the times in which we live and technology and multilingualism are our fundamental pillars. These attributes define us and enable us to get the very best out of our students; making the most of their abilities and giving them the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We thank the entire educational community and especially our families, who accompany us and make it possible to provide an all-round outstanding educational experience. We endeavour to live up to our motto: “Creating a better world through education.”

Thank you very much.

Valme García:

  • Coordinator of the Early Years and Primary stages.

Laura Orán:

  • Coordinator of the International Program – PYP.