As the Co-ordinator of the Baccalaureate stage but also on behalf of the whole teaching body, we are approaching this coming academic year with commitment and enthusiasm.

This is the Baccalaureate stage, a crucial stage in every student’s academic life when they finish their compulsory education and begin their pre-university studies with a view towards their professional future.

Our educational programme for this stage is called Everest, an educational project where students prepare for their higher education in this final stage at school.

We support and advise our students individually as they make decisions about their university choices.
The objective is to bring all the skills they have acquired throughout their school career together.
We educate them to be mature responsible individuals with the capacity for self-improvement so that they can act freely in their adult lives.

We are immensely proud of the achievements of all the students who have passed through our school and they stay in touch with us to express their satisfaction when they are at university.

This makes us teachers proud; when we have had a positive impact on our students and helped them to achieve their goals, then all the effort has been worth it.

With our very best wishes for this coming academic year.

Tatiana Calvo-Andrada:

  • Secondary and Baccalaureate Coordinator.