Last wednesday we were pleased to host our second assembly of the year where we rolled out the carpet for the awaited participants. Once we were all set, we started off the meeting updating on eco-school’s latest achievements regarding recycling and new picnic measures. The latter includes recycled wrapping paper that will replace traditional aluminum foil, as well as paper bags instead of plastic ones. Certainly, we did not have time to waste, and continued since our objective for the day was settling the base for our attendance in the school’s party.

As we planned, after we updated everyone on our latest achievements, we carried on with the creative part of the meeting. We couldn’t think of a better way to put our brains together than to work in small groups and discuss our ideas. In order to get an amazing experience of brainstorming, we all wrote down several projects and passed on the paper to complement our teammates’ notes. We got amazing results out of this work strategy. Tug of war, musical chairs, skipping rope are all among the traditional games eco-school is considering to stage. Our members even came up with a variation of football, where goalers will have to answer a question related to the environment and ecology. After strategizing the location of the stand and briefly imagining its appearance, we successfully concluded the day’s work.