English School in Pozuelo

International Aravaca is an English school in Pozuelo that has an advantage over other schools, we are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an educational group present in many countries around the world. Together, we offer our students international experiences that go beyond language learning. 

Our commitment is based on offering the best educational experience to each and every one of our students, which is why we work every day to keep improving.

Discover the Pozuelo English School of educational excellence.

A pedagogical approach based on integrated language learning and the perfect educational environment for all educational levels is what sets us apart from other schools in Pozuelo.  

Our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education

We are based on a strong pedagogical approach to language learning. We believe that proficiency in a variety of languages is essential in a globalised world and, therefore, our commitment to quality education is reflected in cutting-edge language training. 

We incorporate innovative teaching methods that prepare students for fluency and comprehension through cultural immersion activities, encouraging an open and global mindset. Our mission is for each student to develop lifelong communication skills, preparing them to interact, collaborate and thrive in international situations.

Modern and safe facilities for an optimal learning environment

We have prioritised the creation of an optimal learning environment through modern and safe facilities. Every classroom and space is designed with the needs of 21st century learners in mind. 

Modernity is reflected not only in integrated technology and learning resources, but also in large, bright spaces that encourage creativity and critical thinking. 

Safety is essential to us; therefore, we have surveillance systems and protocols in place to ensure the physical and emotional integrity of each student. In addition, outdoor areas, such as playgrounds and sports areas, are adequately equipped and safe, allowing students to learn and socialise in a protected environment. 

At Aravaca International School, we believe that an excellent educational environment is one that combines innovation with safety, and we continually strive to offer the best to our educational community.

Why choose our English School in Pozuelo?

We are an English school of reference in Pozuelo for the following reasons. 

Our trajectory as a reference in education of excellence

Our English school in Pozuelo has established itself as a reference in education. Since our beginnings, we have adopted a pedagogical approach focused on the integral development of the student, integrating traditional methods with didactic innovations, placing language learning at the centre.

This combination has enabled us to educate generations of students who are prepared, critical and adapted to the challenges of the contemporary world. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been recognised by different organisations and by the satisfaction of the families who trust in our educational proposal. 

Highly qualified and committed teaching staff

Our school prides itself on having a highly qualified and deeply committed teaching staff. 

Each teacher not only has specialised training in his or her area of teaching, but is also constantly engaged in his or her own continuing education, thus ensuring that teaching is aligned with the latest pedagogical trends. 

Beyond their academic credentials, our teaching staff stand out for their passion for teaching and their interest in the holistic development of each student.

Enriching academic programmes and extracurricular activities.

Our English school in Pozuelo includes rigorous, cutting-edge academic programmes designed to foster critical thinking, creativity and preparation for the future. 

We complement this academic training with a wide range of extracurricular activities that seek to enhance skills and passions outside the classroom. From science, art or sports clubs, to music or drama workshops, our students have the opportunity to explore and discover their talents, lead projects and collaborate in teams. This combination of strong academic programmes with enriching activities ensures a broad education, preparing students to be active, versatile and engaged citizens.

All-round development of pupils: academic, sporting and artistic

At our school we prioritise the integral development of our pupils, incorporating academic, sporting and artistic aspects. We encourage academic excellence, physical training through sports and creative expression through the arts. This balanced combination ensures that each student grows as an individual in multiple aspects.

Educational offer at our Colegio Inglés Pozuelo at all levels

With regard to language learning, during all levels our students receive a comprehensive education, which includes immersive experiences. Throughout each stage, learning evolves.  


Learning focuses on exposure and familiarisation with the language. Through songs, stories and games, children acquire basic vocabulary and simple phrases. Pronunciation and listening comprehension are essential, and oral communication is encouraged in a playful environment.


Students expand their vocabulary and grammatical structures. They begin to form more complex sentences, both orally and in writing. In addition, grammatical basics are introduced and reading and writing in English is promoted through texts adapted to their level.


Grammar is deepened and work is done on verbal and written fluency. Students deal with more complex texts, expand their specialised vocabulary and develop comprehension and oral and written expression skills in different contexts.


In this final phase, students perfect their command of English. At our school we offer the possibility of opting for an International Baccalaureate, for students who wish to continue their higher education at universities in English-speaking countries.

Admission and enrolment process

  • The admission process at Internacional Aravaca has five different phases:
    • Consultation, in which communication with the family and an appointment are established.
    • Application, which includes a form for families.
    • Evaluation, based on an interview and an academic test in some cases.
    • Offer of the place, reserving the place.
    • Enrolment, with documents and payment of fees. 

Testimonials from satisfied parents

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