Bilingual School Madrid

Internacional Aravaca is a bilingual school in Madrid, with a programme based on learning languages and putting into practice the communicative skills of each student. We follow programmes focused on learning at least two languages, Spanish and English, from the first years of school, with the possibility of learning a third language in higher education.

The results of our bilingual educational programmes are exceptional, our students master communication in English from an early age, as they learn a second language in the same way as they learn their mother tongue. Both the classes and the practical activities allow them to acquire a permanent foundation.

Why choose a bilingual educational programme in Madrid for your children?

Our language programmes are based on the lexical and grammatical learning necessary to master a language and its subsequent implementation, through activities based on direct communication in English. The consequences of our learning method are as follows.

More professional opportunities for students

Mastering at least two languages is already a prerequisite in the labour market, learning English from an early age allows students to increase their skills for the future.


Cognitive and communicative development

Language learning is a very effective way of stimulating a student’s cognitive development, especially during the infant and primary school years.


Improved academic performance

The result is higher academic achievement, because the skills and abilities needed for language learning can be put into practice in other learning environments.

Advantages of studying at our bilingual school in Madrid

These are the main advantages of studying at our private bilingual school in Madrid.

Innovative educational programmes


We work every year to renew our educational offer. We start with a solid foundation during the first years of infant and primary school, so that students can fully develop their abilities during the following academic years.

International programmes


Our school’s wide range of international programmes facilitates language learning, as our students develop communication skills based on immersive international experiences.


Individual tuition


Teaching at our centre is individual, with each student receiving the resources and guidance they need throughout each stage of learning.

Bilingual school for all educational stages

At Internacional Aravaca your children will be able to study all pre-university stages, from infant school to Baccalaureate. We base our educational method on a process in which the student is the protagonist, focused on enhancing their cognitive abilities.

Through the teaching of languages, we manage to stimulate their abilities so that they can achieve all their objectives during their school years.

Our bilingual school in Madrid receives top academic results

Our students’ results confirm the effectiveness of our teaching programmes. Each year, our students show us that our teaching method is suitable for all levels, which is why we are a leading bilingual school in Madrid.

International Bilingual School in Madrid: International Programmes

Our international programmes allow us to integrate a different programme to that offered by other schools. Our students have the widest range of activities related to language learning. It is very important for our school to develop the communication skills of our students. In collaboration with PSI, we develop every year all kinds of activities with other international schools.

We are the bilingual school in Madrid you were looking for

If you are looking for a bilingual school in the north of Madrid, Internacional Aravaca offers your children an incomparable academic experience, a teaching programme based on immersive language learning, with which they will be able to develop all their abilities throughout all stages of their education.

Each of our students has his or her own abilities, and our work is based on promoting them, offering each student the educational environment he or she needs. At Internacional Aravaca we work every day so that our students become the citizens of the future.

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

One of the main advantages of our bilingual school in Aravaca is the activities we carry out in collaboration with the International Schools Partnership (ISP). Being part of the ISP allows us to coordinate all kinds of activities with other international schools, our students have the possibility to put their knowledge into practice in a practical way, with students from all over the world, both in face-to-face and online experiences.

Our language programmes place special emphasis on the practical side of the language. Thanks to the learning environment offered by PSI, we are able to carry out continuous activities at all levels, collaborating with centres all over the world.

Take advantage of the opportunity to study in a bilingual environment.

The environment we have created at Internacional Aravaca makes it easy to put English into practice, the result is that the student manages to establish basic knowledge of the language, and in a short time, their communicative skills are similar to those they develop in their mother tongue.
Our bilingual school in Aravaca offers the best language learning programmes in the north of Madrid, through a unique educational experience.

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