Animal protection centre

We have been today to the CPA, the Animal Protection Centre. We had a great time there visiting animals that have been abandoned by their owners. We have learnt that not only human beings have the right to live… animals too. And nobody has the right to mistreat another living being. All living beings share the right to be cared for properly. Animals need people who defend their rights because they can not take care of themselves. We all have the responsibility of not causing them any harm. We have learnt that cities are ecosystems with different kinds of animals, and they have feelings too. We all are responsible for them. We have not only seen pets such as dogs and cats, but rabbits too, and we have been taking care of them. We have learnt and understood the importance of protecting animals around us. We attended a training session with a dog handler who showed us some tricks and we visited the kennels where the dogs and one puppy were. It has been a wonderful experience, although we left a bit sad after becoming aware of the truth about not being responsible for our pets.

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