Easter egg hunt

Every year we celebrate the arrival of Spring with an Easter Egg Hunt. The name Easter may come from the Norse word for Spring, Eostur, or it may come from the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring and fertility, Eostre.

Many of the symbols we associate with Easter are pre-Christian in origin. This is the case of the egg and the chick, both of which represent new life and re-birth. In China, Rome and Greece, eggs were given as Springtime gifts.

Easter was coming up and what was the point of a holiday without an outdoor egg hunt? Kids could run through the soft spring grass searching for brightly coloured eggs hidden amongst bushes and blooms.
Children and teachers alike met in the playground and looked for their Easter eggs…every classroom searchs for a different colour, and if children find the one which doesn’t belong to their classroom, they don’t exchange tracks with their peers.

When they find the right colour, everybody jumps for joy…and the Easter Bunny shows up and offers to the kids sweeties and chocolate Easter eggs!!!

As you can see in the photograph, Héctor Martínez (I4B) found the purple Easter egg next to the orchard. It is a teamwork and all the kids were proud of Héctor, holding our trophy up so that everybody could admire the purple shades of our easter egg!!!!