To further motivate our students to take care of our Earth we have organised another outing for our Captain Planets here at Ia. We had 2 students from each class chosen to accompany our mentor and friend Jaime from the NGO ARBA to a plant nursery in Casa de Campo. Jaime and his colleague took time out of their day to share with our students the work they do at the nursery planting seeds and growing different plants to later plant around Madrid.

Our kids got to see first hand how we can cultivate different trees and plants, native to the Comunidad de Madrid, so as to be able to reforest different areas around the region. It is magnificent work that will one day shed its value on future generations. ARBA even left us with some of their baby trees for us to plant in the near future in the area around our school.

Aside from teaching ecological values to our students it gave these children an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of doing positive actions which will give no immediate fruit. The trees we will plant will not show any results for many years, however our students grasped the importance of leaving a cleaner and more beautiful world for the future generations.

It was a short but great little visit. Even though it was quite cold, we did get a little sun and it’s always nice to get out of school for a couple of hours!

Keep up the good work Captain Planets, and we shall see who gets to go on the next outing!