Camerun Exhibition

The goal of this project is to share artwork between two countries which are far apart, not just in terms of geography, but also their cultures and ways of living.
Bearing this in mind, we wanted to highlight the similarities regarding how kids from all around the world see and express their points of view through art, rather than the differences.
For this reason, we decided not to use colours in our portraits, which helped to avoid any focus on racial or cultural differences.
Today, hanging from the walls of the school halls, are the results of a wonderful collaboration between Internacional Aravaca and the Catholic Primary School of Djoum, in Cameroon.
You’ll have the opportunity to flick through the book made by Djoum students, which is filled with interesting information regarding their culture and their way of living.
You can also admire handmade portraits of our 4th graders. They were painted by the Cameroonians using pictures we previously had sent them. Along with these portraits, we have also received the photographs of these incredible artists in Cameroon. Based on these, our 4th graders have also created their owns, which will be sent to Cameroon after our exhibition.
Thanks to the great work done by the NGO Zerca y Lejos, an amazing artistic and cultural exchange between the two schools has been achieved!

We invite you to enjoy the beautiful artwork and to embrace the similarities that we all share, no matter which culture we come from!

Mr Miki