On Friday 24th May, 1st grade went to Donkey Land. This is a reserve for donkeys and other animals who often have been badly treated by the owners.

The classes were divided into two groups where a guide explained all about the characteristics of each animal and what they eat.

The children were then given the choice to feed the donkeys and groom them. After feeding the donkeys, the children rode a small cart pulled by one of the donkeys. It was so nice to see the children having such fun and at the same time experiencing a close contact with the animals.

For lunch we made a picnic and the guide led 2 of the donkeys to run free and explained that the children could be with them. It was great to see the children getting so close to the donkeys and in some cases loosing their fears.

This was a very educational trip where all the students learnt a great deal about animals and also the importance of treating them well.