Last week both Year 2 Primary classes visited Aldealix, a Celtic village in the mountains of Caceres.
The village is situated in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature, mountains, rivers and waterfalls.
We spent three days and two nights there, sleeping in huts and participating in all kinds of fun activities. These included the chance to go on a zip line,practice archery or shoot with a blowpipe.
It was so hot we were able to go swimming in a nearby river even though the water was very cold.
Additionally we played a game one night in the dark and we even had the chance to enjoy a mad disco!
The monitors and supervisors were really kind and friendly and the cooks were excellent too!
Finally, on the last night there was a super special ‘Celtic dinner‘ where no cutlery was allowed!

Overall it’ was an amazing trip which we’ll never forget!

“I really liked the gymkhana! “ Paula Visairas
“I loved the archery!” Mara Sanz
“My favourite activity was the aquatic zip line!“ Sergio Colussi
“I enjoyed the Celtic dinner a lot! “ Ana Obón
“The best part was the disco! “ Marcos Mori