During this month and thanks to the Captain planet project we have met a Spanish captain planet. Jaime works for the NGO ARBA, an organisation that is trying to recover the native forests in Spain.

As part of the Captain Planet project, the primary classes have visited the riverbank of Arroyo Pozuelo accompanied by Jaime and/or their Science teacher. The children had a great opportunity to observe, explore and come to different conclusions about how to improve grounds by the river and the plants and trees that are next to it. He shared a lot of interesting facts about the nature surrounding our school and not only did we collect some seeds that we will use to reforest the riverbank but we also visited the site where a fire took place several years ago and we have decided that we can do something to change it. As you can see in the photos, we didn’t miss a detail of Jaime’s speech.

We learnt that with just a little effort we can make a better world. Thanks very much Jaime for your visit.