Science Everywhere

Internacional Aravaca is a school full of scientists. This past week, science has been trending topic at the school. Science Week 2017 has brought lots of new experiments to our students and they have learnt so many things about science. – 1st Grade did several projects like these two:   IT SMELLS LIKE SCIENCE First […]

The Museum of Science

A field trip to the Museum of Science can complement and reinforce our school curriculum while also providing an ideal way to encourage students to have fun while learning. In this case as we are learning form the four elements in classroom we had a beautiful chance to find out more about some science and […]

Semana de la ciencia en EPO

Nuestros pequeños científicos se pusieron sus batas blancas y comenzaron a investigar, a descubrir y a explorar el medio ambiente. El fuego, el agua, el aire y la tierra fueron nuestro objeto de investigación. En todas las clases de science aprendieron a investigar partiendo del método científico: Observación – Me hago preguntas – Hipótesis – […]

Will it sink, or will it float?

To celebrate Science Day, we experimented with water in the I5 classroom.  We conducted our experiment using different fruits and vegetables, but before they were placed in the tub of water, we discussed the meaning of a hypothesis.  What do you think will happen and why?  Most children decided that the fruits or vegetables that […]