The Museum of Science

A field trip to the Museum of Science can complement and reinforce our school curriculum while also providing an ideal way to encourage students to have fun while learning. In this case as we are learning form the four elements in classroom we had a beautiful chance to find out more about some science and […]

Visitando el Museo de Historia

Hoy tercero de la ESO ha visitado el museo de historia. Nuestros alumnos han comprendido de forma interactiva y divertida los cambios más importantes por los que ha pasado Madrid desde el siglo XVI al XIX.

And this is how it all began

With small steps that changed our destiny and together with Lucy and her friends, our five-year olds took a stroll through history, which is our history too, and we were told the way they were able to change mankind’s existence. And we also learnt about…its ORIGIN and EVOLUTION.