Why IA?

Why choose us?

LAUDE International Aravaca’s educational project is based on 5 solid pillars, which we reach the “educational excellence” that guarantees the success of our students, in the personal and academic dimension.


IA Multilingual: Extensive languages teaching hours: English, French and German, as well as subjects taught in English. Official examinations.


IA Methodology: We are committed to new practices in which learning is student-led and the teacher’s role is that of a motivating guide. This process of personalized learning means each student works at their own pace to discover, research, compare and conclude.


IA Tech: Our students’ digital ability is one of the pillars of our school. One of our responsibilities to our students is to help them become citizens able to integrate and respond to the demands of an ever-changing society.


IA Skills: We work on aspects that will open many doors in the students’ future: learning skills, cooperative work, conflict resolution, public speaking and creativity.


IA Together: A programme that allows our students to develop their talents by accepting, recognizing and expressing their opinions, fears and desires in a safe environment.