Programming, programming… I succeeded in innovating

Today there is much talk about “programming is the future” or “tomorrow’s technologies”, when the reality is that they are neither the future nor tomorrow’s. Instead, they have already arrived and they have definitely come to stay.

For this reason, at the Colegio Internacional Aravaca we have been giving importance to innovation for many years. We knew and we know that a wide knowledge of new technologies is increasingly demanded and that our students must be prepared and trained for a world that is constantly changing, above all, technologically speaking.

For example, in 6th of Primary, they are designing and programming their own robots and projects this term. And, for the first time, they are using more advanced concepts. Right now they are developing a programming and robotics project with Arduino boards called BQ Zum and they are programming them with Bitbloq.

If they continue like this, they will be able to reach Silicon Valley at the very least!