Key Stages

With the Steps programme, we adapt to the needs and growth of the youngest pupils, we ensure that are young ones, from 2 to 6 years old, receive the necessary stimuli little by little to achieve success in their all-round development.

Primary Education includes six academic years and is the first mandatory stage in the education system. In the Skyline project, pupils create and solidify their knowledge with enthusiasm.
They develop their independence and security, becoming aware of their personal responsibilities. They start to manage their emotions and we support them through this process, strengthening their self-esteem, not forgetting that play is still a fundamental part of their development, both on a physical as well as a social and cognitive level.

With the Mavericks project, we support the pupil in this new stage of their life (adolescence) by taking on board the changes and worries that are representative of these ages.

Everest is an educational project that prepares the pupil for the final stretch towards higher education. We support and advise them individually as they make the important decisions for their future at university.