Success of our students in different ISP International Programmes

During the first term, our students at Internacional Aravaca have once again been able to enjoy the international opportunities offered by the group to which we belong, International Schools Partnership. The Virtual Buddy Exchange programme has come to an end. Our students Adhara and Martina, from 1st and 2nd ESO, have been able to converse […]

Our 1BTO students take part in the UEM 2030 challenge

Every year, our 1st Baccalaureate students participate in the 2030 Challenge proposed by the European University of Madrid. It is a very intense and at the same time rewarding and motivating day. A professor from the European University of Madrid comes to the school premises – as they do with other schools in Spain – […]

Aid to the Syrian People

“Human actions have an impact on equal opportunities”. This is the central idea around which the second unit of inquiry of the sixth grade students has revolved, which is part of their IB programme. We opened the unit by introducing the organisation that helps the Syrian people, which briefly gave us a background to their […]

Christmas has arrived at Internacional Aravaca

Christmas has arrived at Internacioanl Aravaca and, with it, all the festivities, decorations and songs. And our traditional Christmas festival was not going to be any less. The traditional Christmas festival was held at Internacional Aravaca in different formats. I2 and I3 have been able to do it in person with the corresponding restrictions and […]

En 2 bach nos vamos a YOU LEAD

On the 24th of November, our 2nd year Baccalaureate students went to the YOU LEAD conference, a conference on leadership and inspiration.  The aim of this activity was to encourage young people to lead the future with enthusiasm, effort and work. The YOU LEAD project consists of different phases, the first one was the congress […]

In secondary, we celebrate CONCIENC_IA

On Friday, 12th November we celebrated CONCIENC_IA again, Science Day at Internacional Aravaca. For science teachers, we are proud to continue promoting scientific vocations in our students and therefore, we prepared a very special day. The 2nd and 4th ESO students were the real protagonists of this day. In addition to the trip to the […]