Afanias Solidarity Race – 2ndESO (MYP3)

On the occasion of Peace Day (January 31) the 2ndESO course (MYP3) participated in the Aravaca park together with the school Estudio 3 Afanias, in an incredible solidarity race whose mission was to promote inclusive sports and raise funds for the project “Childhood in Peace” of the NGO Save The Children. During the race, all participants helped each other, so that students with disabilities could participate in the best way. They ran hugging each other, holding hands, all together as one team celebrating diversity.

Prior to the race and during the previous tutorials, they thoroughly prepared their participation in the race and connected online with the NGO Save The Children, who shared with them the destination of the money raised: child protection, fight against poverty, health and nutrition, and education.

Through this incredible activity, organized jointly between the PE Department and the IAP’s PAS (Service as Action Program) Coordinator, students had the opportunity to develop IB profiles such as being caring, balanced, open-minded and of integrity. Attributes that our 2ndESO (MYP3) students proved to have ingrained in them – a source of pride for the entire IA community!