During the week of April 17th to 21st, the entire school was dedicated to highly celebrating “Book Week”. In Secondary (MYP), thanks to the work of our librarian (Paz Martin) and the support of all the teachers and tutors, numerous activities related to the exciting world of books and reading were carried out. At school, we firmly believe that these activities are very beneficial for our students, as they allow them to develop their creativity, critical thinking, analytical and reading comprehension skills, as well as foster their love for reading.

The different activities that were carried out were:

  • 1st and 2nd ESO (MYP2 & 3): group creation of “Book Trailers” for their favorite books
  • 3rd ESO (MYP4): they performed plays for the students of 2nd EPO, which were received with great enthusiasm.
  • The entire school participated in the “photo reading collage” that can now be seen at the entrance.