Noticias de Infantil

Erasmus and Jobshadowing

2 de noviembre de 2017|Infantil|

Our preschoolers have welcome 14 belgian teachers from the Erasmus and Jobshadowing project  with a fun song and dance. Afterwards, [...]

I5 at the zoo

24 de octubre de 2017|Infantil|

The I5 students enjoyed our field trip to the zoo.  The boys and girls were very excited to observe the [...]

Encuentro Pizarra 2017

2 de octubre de 2017|Infantil|

  The anual conference “ Encuentro Pizarra”, on its 2017 edition, was held in Grajera (Segovia) on 30th September and [...]

The Museum of Science

21 de marzo de 2017|Infantil|

A field trip to the Museum of Science can complement and reinforce our school curriculum while also providing an ideal [...]