IA’s Comprehension Project “Roald Dahl’s Museum” took place at Primary’s hallway and library last Friday, April 21st. 1ºEPO through 5ºEPO grades participated throughout the whole week in building up this amazing project. Each grade had worked on a different Roald Dahl’s book and had astonishingly build up their part of the museum. IA’s choir magnificently performed the song “When I Grow Up”, from Matilda’s musical, which is based on one of Roald Dahl’s most popular books. Visitors were impressed with this magnificent group of students´ hard-work and commitment. Regarding what a Comprehension Project is, they facilitate the learning and assimilation of contents of the different areas, based on an innovative methodology which relies on the way we work with the Multiple Intelligences. The purpose was for the students, to understand the topic raised (in this case, Roald Dahl and his literature) and expand on it through the proposed activities. The goal was for them to be able to assimilate this knowledge and use it in the future, making of what has been learned a useful resource. Congratulations to all students and teachers involved in this incredible project! Your hard-work and dedication have been noteworthy.