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Saving the Planet

Clean Class, is an environmental education project, which aims to educate students from early ages to take care of their planet Earth.

Students will learn the meaning of the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and will be performing concrete tasks in their immediate environment, including the school and their home. Each student will contribute and discover how their acts affect Planet Earth.

Students in charge are responsible of enforcing the 3 RS in their class and all around the school:

  • Reduce the consumption of paper, electricity...
  • Reuse paper, carboards...
  • Recycle paper, caps, batteries, slippers...
miss clean Internacional Aravaca
mister clean Internacional Aravaca

How do we do it?

There will be two weekly managers per class : Miss and Mister Clean Class.

They will wear an identification badge they will take home and keep as a souvenir once they have finished their duties, provided they have duly accomplish them.


  • They will be responsible for maintaining order in the class, as well as be aware of saving energy and recycling paper. (Reminding other students how to reuse paper and dealing with turning off lights, the computer screen and making sure the class door is closed).
  • They must make sure book shelves are organized and tidy. If not, they shall inform the class advisor or the teacher who will decide when and who should sort them.
  • They will be able to respectfully ask their peers to perform any tasks related to class cleanliness and organization: to pick up a paper which is on the floor, sort their drawers, throw paper to the proper bin, hang their coat if it is on the floor, etc. However, both students, as Mister and Miss Clean, should especially help to maintain everything in order.
  • They will be responsible of storing and supplying the vileda markers to the teacher.
  • They will do a weekly review of drawers to ensure the class order and on Friday’s, they will hand a report to the person responsible of assessing them.


On Friday’s, during the first minutes of recess, an evaluation report will be delivered by each responsible couple. 
The assessment done will be explained to the person in charge of Clean Class, who will analyze them.. 
At the end of the term, we will recognise the best Clean Class couple, as well as the best class.



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