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Action Against Hunger

This month, Internacional Aravaca took part in a fundraising event called Action Against Hunger. This global humanitarian organisation takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. Every year, humanitarian emergencies caused by conflicts and natural disasters devastate millions of people and leave them unable to meet their basic survival needs. In the past year, Action Against Hunger's global network served 14.7 million people in nearly 50 countries.

The students at Internacional Aravaca participated in a race to raise money for this worthy charity. The students looked for sponsorship from family, friends and teachers for each lap of the running track outside the school, they could complete. It was a huge success with lots of support coming from the families as well as a valiant effort from the students to try and run as much as they could to raise money for the charity. We all can be proud of our contribution to the organization in their fight to end world hunger.

The staff here at the school would like to congratulate and thank all students and sponsors who helped make this event such a success. Your continued support of the school and school events are very much appreciated.

Mr Steven





Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. 28023 Madrid - España

Teléfono: +34 91 357 12 56

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