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This May we had an unexpected visit.  It was early in the morning when a huge big truck parked in our school. We didn´t know what was going on but it seemed to be something exciting!!! We had to wait for the classes to get started. Visiting the truck helped us understood this wasn’t any truck but a special o...

This month, Internacional Aravaca took part in a fundraising event called Action Against Hunger. This global humanitarian organisation takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. Every year, humanitarian emergencies caused by conflicts and natural disasters devastate millions of people and l...

The past week the school held the I Internacional Aravaca Sports day in Primary. Students from 1st to 6th EPO had the opportunity to participate in different sports and games: Benchball, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Touchball, Relay…were some of the activities that the kids enjoyed along the day. The four houses;...

This year, for the first time, we have been part of the “Hockey Olympic Tournament of the Comunidad de Madrid”. We were so excited to be summoned and we chose some of the different players of the school from grades 3rd and 4th.

Twenty four of our great players went to the SOMONTES HOCKEY SPORTIVE CO...


Una vez más hemos querido trabajar de forma conjunta entre las diferentes etapas del colegio (infantil y primaria) para que el paso de una etapa a otra sea más llevadera.
Nuestro objetivo principal es que los niños de I5, que en breve terminarán la etapa de infantil, conozcan al equipo de pr...


Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. 28023 Madrid - España

Teléfono: +34 91 357 12 56

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