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Visit to the Post Office

Many people feel that there is value to a museum…

21 Marzo 2018 - 12 Views

Our Erasmus Teachers

To boost innovation and creativity, Internacional Aravaca school had a…

28 Febrero 2018 - 116 Views
Aprendiendo con los mayores del cole
Aprendiendo con los mayores del cole

Los niños pequeños aprenden muchas cosas cuando juegan y jugar…

Carnival 2018
Carnival 2018

Carnival is one of the “long-awaited celebrations” for children ...…

Our students found a pirate ship!

Today the 3 year olds had a BLAST!!!! As you know we are learning a lot of things about the wonderful world of the Pirates.
So this morning we went to a park, but to a very special one, where we found nothing less than a PIRATE SHIP!!!!!!

I3A went on a treasure chest hunt! As you may have noticed our fr...

Kids at San Isidro.

El Colegio Internacional Aravaca celebra la fiesta de San Isidro rodeado de chulapos y chulapos muy castizos bailando el chotis. Hemos hecho una merendola en nuestra pradera particular y hemos merendado rosquillas "listas" con limonada.


The kids hunt Easter eggs.

Every year we celebrate the arrival of Spring with an Easter Egg Hunt. The name Easter may come from the Norse word for Spring, Eostur, or it may come from the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring and fertility, Eostre.

Many of the symbols we associate with Easter are pre-Christian in origin. This is th...

Our students being farmers

One of the most important days has finally arrived!!!! The kids were counting the days.

Yesterday we had a GREAT DAY!! The kids really enjoyed the field day.

They saw birds, horses, cows, peaks, ducks, rabbits, hens, pigs, sheep, wild boars, owls...and they even saw two little goats named FRESA and N...

The play Jack and the Beanstalk.

"When we arrived at school today we were specially excited: we were going to experience our first visit to the theatre. On the bus we were all very good and quiet waiting for the moment of the arrival. While we were waiting at the theater for the play to start we behaved like real grown-ups and our teachers were ver...


Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. 28023 Madrid - España

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