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Encuentro Pizarra 2017

  The anual conference “ Encuentro Pizarra”, on its 2017…

02 Octubre 2017 - 52 Views

IntrepidArt en el Encuentro de Imagen Didáctica

  Se celebró el ENCUENTRO DE IMAGEN DIDÁCTICA, Realidad Virtual…

06 Junio 2017 - 141 Views
The Museum of Science
The Museum of Science

A field trip to the Museum of Science can complement…

And this is how it all began
And this is how it all began

With small steps that changed our destiny and together with…

We love Spring because we always hop along to an “egg-citing” Easter egg hunt. Children had previously worked in the classroom, decorating eggs and singing songs, and they enjoyed the afternoon exploring and looking for Easter egg hides...each egg had a different colour so they all knew if they had found the rig...

Who would have believed that it was possible to take a trip to Cairo. For I5 everything is possible!
The adventure started with each student creating their own passport and boarding card. When their flight was called over the public announcement system they all boarded the flight for Cairo. The flight was simul...

El proyecto de nuestra etapa de Infantil : "SABORES DE COLORES" seleccionado entre las 60 mejores experiencias de INNOVACIÓN EDUCATIVA de infantil y primaria de 9 países diferentes.

AMEI-WAECE es Compañero de Primera Infancia de UNESCO, está Asociada al DPI/NGO de las Naciones Unidas (UN), es miembro de ...

This week I5 enjoyed a special visit from two of the fathers who are a doctors.

With the help of some lifelike models, we learnt all about the anatomy of the human body and how our different organs work and how they are all interconnected.

The class then become doctors and nurses themselves and liste...

Last week the I5 classes had a school excursion to the Madrid zoo.
We have learnt in class about the human body and what we eat. On this visit children saw first hand what the eating habits of many different animals are.
We saw sea lions, they eat meat and are called carnivores.There were deer that only e...


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