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Halloween and Fun


As every year, our children and teachers were willing to make a display of​ the most terrifying costumes, but also of more charming and​ tender ones​, since Halloween is a celebration in which heroes, princesses, vampires or witches​ are invited alike.

And this year has proved to be unique since six Belgian witches from the Erasmus programme​ landed on their brooms and gave magic wands to the children and they fell under their spell while the witches were dancing and singing.

During the celebration, everyone participated in a gymkhana with seven games ranging from the famous "pumpkin roll" or the "shadow theatre", to "the labyrinth of the spider" ...

A wonderful experience and one of our children's favou​rite pastimes​!

Ms Paz


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Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. 28023 Madrid - España

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