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Stop-motion Animation created by I5

We explored a "new" vision of learning through a collaborative classroom and practice by suggesting a workshop on animation at the ITC class. As children are knowledgeable, self-determined, strategic and empathetic thinkers, it was easy to start. Involving students in real-world tasks and linking new information to prior knowledge requires communication and collaboration among teachers, students, and others. So we started with a collaborative learning and practice all together by learning the basic principles of stop-motion animation with a focus on simple materials by watching short films with a variety of stop-motion techniques and the creation of their own contents. Students can work further with collage materials including cutting paper, patterned paper, photographs, and magazines with a focus on incorporating found imagery.
Using the stop motion app was really easy and intuitive. And we were able to see loads of benefits as the encouragement in problem solving by using creative ideas for example. These kind of workshops support experimentation and storytelling, too.

Watch the videos:

I5 A

I5 B

I5 C


Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. 28023 Madrid - España

Teléfono: +34 91 357 12 56

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